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Introduction to Radiation

Understanding the Dangers

Nuclear / Radiological Emergency Preparedness

Geiger counters / radiation survey meters

Potassium iodide (critical thyroid protection)

Radiological Emergency Response Programs

Federal [Top Level]

Related Federal Agencies and Organizations

Additional Resources

Related National Labs and Facilities

Organizations and Societies

Additional Resources


Defense & Military Links

Military Briefing Book: - military news/consulting site

US Army


U.S. Department of Defense

Homeland Security Links and Resources

The Obama-Biden Security Plan

Federal Homeland Security Agencies and Organizations

Homeland Security Stocks Directory

State Homeland Security / Emergency Management Organizations 

Homeland Security State Contact List

General Homeland Security Resources

Homeland Security Newsletter Directory

Mesothelioma Web for Veterans

Natural Disaster Resources

Weather Resources

Instant Answers

Where the wind is blowing

When the ground shakes

When you are on the run

Alternative accommodations

Food storage

What about pet safety

Introduction to Biological Warfare

Understanding the Dangers

Biological Emergency Preparedness

Biological Emergency Response Programs and Organizations

Introduction to Chemical Warfare

Understanding the Dangers

Chemical Emergency Preparedness

Introduction to Explosives

Understanding the Threat

Bomb and Explosive Ordnance Emergency Prep

Additional Resources and Organizations

Homeland Defense & Homeland Security Stocks:  Public and Private Homeland Security Companies, News, Homeland Security Investor Conferences and Links on: Homeland Defense and Security, Terrorism, Bioterrorism, Agriterrorism, Non Lethal Weapons, Cyberwar, Airport Security, Border Security,  Port Security, Wireless Security, Chemical Detection, Explosives Detection, CCTV, Emergency Response and Preparedness and more

Federal Homeland Security Agencies and Organizations

White House Office of Homeland Security
House Select Committee on Homeland Security
Directorate of Border and Transportation Security
- Transportation Security Administration
- U.S. Customs and Border Protection
- U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement
- Federal Law Enforcement Training Center
Directorate of Emergency Preparedness and Response
- Federal Emergency Management Agency
Directorate of Information Analysis and Infrastructure Protection
Directorate of Science and Technology
- U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services
- U.S. Coast Guard
- U.S. Secret Service

Agency for Toxic Substance and Disease Registry
Animal & Plant Health Inspection Service
Canadian Nuclear Safety Commission
Centers for Disease Control
Central Intelligence Agency
Department of Agriculture
Department of Defense
Department of Energy
Department of Justice
Department of Transportation
Energy Assurance Office
Environmental Protection Agency
Federal Aviation Administration
Federal Bureau of Investigation
Federal Transit Administration
Federal Computer Incident Response Center
Federal Law Enforcement Training Center
Federal Protective Service
General Accounting Office
General Services Administration
Health and Human Services
Maritime Administration
Metropolitan Medical Response System
National Disaster Medical System (NDMS)
National Infrastructure Protection Center
National Nuclear Security Administration
National Pharmaceutical Stockpile
Occupational Safety and Health Administration
Office of Domestic Preparedness
Office of Emergency Preparedness
Red Cross
U.S. Civil Air Patrol
U.S. EPA Water Infrastructure Security
U.S. Fire Administration

State Homeland Security / Emergency Management Organizations

State by State EMA Directors - (Click Here)

Alabama Emergency Management Agency
Alaska Division of Emergency Services
Arizona Division of Emergency Management
Arkansas Dept. of Emergency Management
California Office of Emergency Services
Colorado Office of Emergency Management
Connecticut Office of Emergency Management
Delaware Emergency Management Agency
Dist. of Columbia Emergency Management
Florida Division of Emergency Management
Georgia Emergency Management Agency
Hawaii State Civil Defense
Idaho Bureau of Homeland Security
Illinois Emergency Management Agency
Indiana Emergency Management Agency
Iowa Homeland Security
Kansas Division of Emergency Management
Kentucky Division of Emergency Management
Louisiana Office of Emergency Preparedness
Maine Emergency Management Agency
Massachusetts Emergency Management Agency
Maryland Emergency Management Agency
Michigan Emergency Management Division
Minnesota Division of Emergency Management
Missouri State Emergency Management Agency
Mississippi Emergency Management District
Montana Disaster and Emergency Services
Nebraska Emergency Management
New Hampshire Office of Emergency Management
New Jersey Emergency Management Section
New Mexico Office of Emergency Services and Sec.
Nevada Division of Emergency Management
North Carolina Emergency Management
North Dakota Division of Emergency Management
New York State Emergency Management
Ohio Emergency Management Agency
Oklahoma DCEM Homepage
Oregon Emergency Management
Pennsylvania Emergency Management Agency
Rhode Island Emergency Management Agency
South Carolina Emergency Preparedness 
S. Dakota Dept. of Military and Veterans' Affairs
Tennessee Emergency Management Agency
Texas Division of Emergency Management
Utah Div. of Comprehensive Emergency Management
Vermont Emergency Management
Virginia Department of Emergency Management
Washington State Emergency Management
West Virginia Office of Emergency Services
Wisconsin Emergency Management
Wyoming Emergency Management Agency

Homeland Security Resources

Documents, Reports and Courses:
Domestic Preparedness Checklist (pdf)
Gilmore Commission - First Annual Report (pdf)
Gilmore Commission - Second Annual Report (pdf)
Gilmore Commission - Third Annual Report (pdf)
Gilmore Commission - Fourth Annual Report (pdf)
Final Gilmore Commission Report (pdf)
Hart-Rudman Report - Ph I: New World Coming
Hart-Rudman Report - Ph 2: Seeking a Natl Strategy (pdf)
Hart-Rudman Report - Ph 3: Road Map for Natl Security (pdf)
Nat'l Strategy for Homeland Security (pdf)
Nat'l Strategy for the Physical Protection of Critical Infrastructure and Key Assets
State and Local Actions for Homeland Security (pdf)

Report on Homeland Defense (pdf)
Defending America: Terrorist Orgs and States and WMD (pdf)
Executive Session on Domestic Preparedness - Kennedy School of Government, Harvard University
Homeland Security Research Project - The Heritage Foundation
Homeland Defense: A Strategic Approach (pdf) - Center for Strategic and International Studies
Def of Homeland Against Strategic Attack (pdf) - Center for Strategic and International Studies
The Current and Future Terrorist Threat (pdf) - Center for Strategic and International Studies
Executive Session on Domestic Preparedness - Kennedy School of Government, Harvard University
Advisory Panel to Assess Domestic Response Capabilities for Terrorism Involving WMDs: 3rd Annual Report to the President and the Congress. (pdf) - RAND Corporation
Advisory Panel to Assess Domestic Response Capabilities for Terrorism Involving Weapons of Mass Destruction (The Gilmore Commission): 2nd Annual Report to the President and the Congress. (pdf) - RAND Corporation
Army and Homeland Security: A Strategic Perspective (pdf) - U.S. Army War College
U.S. GAO Special Collection - Homeland Security - General Accounting Office
US Gov. Interagency Domestic Terrorism Concept of Operations Plan - FindLaw

Courses and Resources

FEMA Master Course List
- Federal Emergency Management Agency
Preparedness Training and Exercises
- Federal Emergency Management Agency
Catalog of Fed and Domestic Intelligence Assistance
- General Services Administration
Emergency First Responder Equipment Guides
- Dept. of Justice
State Homeland Security Contacts
Homeland Security Policy and Budget
Congress - House:
Subcom. on Terrorism and Homeland Security
Congress - Senate:
Hearing On The Local Role in Homeland Security
Government homeland security readiness
TSA Transportation Security Administration
FDA hiring initiative for countering bioterrorism
INS Border Patrol agent positions
FAA Federal air marshal positions
CIA language positions
Homeland Security Volunteer Opportunities

Think Tanks, Policy Shops, Institutes Associations And Commissions

Oklahoma City National Memorial Institute for the Prevention of Terrorism
ANSER Institute for Homeland Security
Cato Institute
Center for Defense Information
Center for Emergency Response Technology, Instruction, and Policy
Center for Nonproliferation Studies
Center for Security Policy
Center for Strategic and Budgetary Assessments
Center for Strategic and International Studies
Council for Emerging National Security Affairs 
Council on Foreign Relations
Foreign Policy in Focus
Fourth Freedom Forum
Global Beat
Heritage Foundation
Johns Hopkins Cntr. for Civilian Biodefense Strategies
John P. Murtha Institute for Homeland Security
National Center for Policy Analysis
Potomac Institute for Policy Studies
Progressive Policy Institute
RAND Corporation
Gilmore Commission

News, Intelligence & Analysis

Homeland Security Newsletter
Aviation Week Homeland Security & Defense
Business Week Homeland Security & Defense
Global Security Newswire
The Journal of Homeland Security
Intelligence Watch - Open sourced intelligence news

Nuclear and Radiological Emergencies

Introduction to Radiation

Understanding the Dangers

Understanding Radiation
- U.S. Department of Energy
What is Radiation?
- U.S. Nuclear Regulatory Commission
Understanding Radiation and Radioactivity
- UK Atomic Weapons Establishment
Types of Radiation
- U.S. Environmental Protection Agency
Terms of Radiation
- U.S. Environmental Protection Agency
How A Nuclear Plant Operates
- Minnesota Department of Public Safety
What are the sources of radiation?
- U.S. Nuclear Regulatory Commission
How does radiation affect the public?
- U.S. Nuclear Regulatory Commission
Who regulates radioactive materials & exposure?
- U.S. Nuclear Regulatory Commission
How can exposure to radiation be minimized?
- U.S. Nuclear Regulatory Commission
What is Criticality
- Oak Ridge National Laboratory
Radiation and Life - Uranium Information Center LTD, Australia
Information on Specific Radiation Sources
- Idaho State University Physics Department
U.S. Nuclear Data Program
- Brookhaven National Lab
Symbols in Radiation Protection 
- U.S. Environmental Protection Agency
Kid's Page for Radiation
- U.S. Environmental Protection Agency
Kids Zone
- Atomic Energy of Canada Limited (AECL)
Lessons of Hiroshima and Chernobyl
- The Why Files
Radiation and it's Long Term Effects
- Radiation Effects Research Foundation, Japan
Chernobyl 10 Yrs On-Radiological/Health Impact
Chernobyl and Surrounding Area
- Idaho State University Physics Department
Human Radiation Experiments Info Mgmt System
- Argonne National Lab
Data Base on Human Radiation Experiments
- Department of Energy
RadFacts (Basic info on radiological emergencies)
- U.S. Environmental Protection Agency
Data Base on Radiation Effects on Electronics
- NASA/Jet Propulsion Laboratory
Radiation Effects Research Foundation
- Radiation Effects Research Foundation, Japan
Radiation Epidemiology Branch
- National Cancer Institute
Radiation Internal Dose Information Center
- Oak Ridge Educational Institute
Data Base on Human Radiation Experiments
- Department of Energy
Atomic Bomb Casualty Commission Collections- Texas Medical Center Library
Information on Cancer
- Idaho State University Physics Department
Hanford Health Information Network
- Washington State Department of Health
Hazardous Substance Release and Effects Database
- CDC / Toxic Substances and Disease Registry
Comprehensive Epidemiological Data Resource- Department of Energy
Office of Health Studies (DOE nuke programs.)
- Department of Energy
Ex-USSR Nuclear Technologies and the World
- Peter L. Angelo, Ph.D., P.E., S.R.O
American Thyroid Association

Nuclear and Radiological Emergency Preparedness

During a severe radiation emergency, it is ESSENTIAL that one be able to:

  1. Measure radiation levels
  2. Measure accumulated radiation dose
  3. Protect your thyroid gland from radioactive iodine
  4. Understand radiation shelter/shielding concepts

To exclusively rely upon emergency response organizations for such information, resources and guidance is a strategy full of risk. An area or escape route deemed safe one moment, can become highly dangerous the next with a simple change in wind direction.

While it is strongly recommend that you FOLLOW OFFICIAL GUIDANCE, prudence and logic dictates having the ability to VERIFY critical information and protect one's self and family, particularly within an a densely populated urban environment.

Radiation Detectors / Survey Meters

Potassium Iodide ( KI )

With domestic nuclear terrorism a clear and present threat, exclusively depending on others to monitor, evaluate, warn and advise you, in a rapidly developing nuclear emergency, is high-risk. Having on-hand an some method of accurately measuring radiation levels is cheap family insurance and, like major medical insurance, is purchased with the hope of never having to use it. Also, like any real insurance, it'll be near impossible to get it after the fact! Inexpensive, accurate radiation detection devices are available via the internet. One source can be found by clicking here.

The following links display extensive information on radiological and nuclear emergency response, radiation survey techniques and an in-depth study on survival in a nuclear emergency. Take some time and learn. The concepts are not difficult.

Radiological Emergency Response Course
- Minnesota Department of Public Safety
Radiation Survey and Site Investigation Manual
- Nuclear Regulatory Commission
Nuclear War Survival Skills - FREE book, 280 pgs.
- Oregon Institute of Science and Medicine
Radiological Emergency Handbook
- Minnesota Department of Public Safety
Medical Aspects of NBC Defense Ops - Nuclear
- North Atlantic Treaty Organization NATO
Emergency & Disaster Planning Resources
- Federal Emergency Management Agency
Nuclear Blast Mapper Map fallout patterns
- Public Broadcasting System, WGBH - Boston
Survival in the Nuclear Age
- Nuke shelters

The clear majority of casualties from a nuclear accident / radiation emergency result from exposure to and/or ingestion of radioactive iodine (radioiodine, 131I, Iodine-131).

Like normal iodine from table salt, radioactive iodine is collected, and stored, by the human thyroid gland. Over time, the thyroid is exposed to destructive doses of radiation, resulting in thyroid cancer, amongst other similarly dreadful ailments. Children are the greatest risk population, though the threat to the remainder of the population is very real.

Potassium Iodide, if taken in time, saturates the thyroid with a safe, stable form of Iodine, resulting in radioiodine being cleared from the body via the kidneys. Potassium Iodide is safe, stable and FDA approved for over the counter sale. It can easily be purchased via the internet. One source can be found by clicking here.

The following links display extensive information from official organizations on the use of potassium iodide during nuclear and radiation emergencies.

Potassium Iodide as a Thyroid Blocking Agent in Radiation Emergencies *NOV 2001*
- U.S. Food and Drug Administration
Iodine Profylaxis Following Nuclear Accidents
- World Health Organization
Potassium Iodide Dosage Information
- World Health Organization Dosage Chart


What to do if caught without potassium iodide during a nuclear emergency.


Radiological Emergency Response Programs


Related Federal Agencies and Orgs.

Radiological Emergency Preparedness Program
- Federal Emergency Management Agency
Radiological Emergency Response Course FREE

- Minnesota Department of Public Safety
Radiation Emergency Page
- World Health Organization
Radiological Emergency Response Team
- Environmental Protection Agency
Radiation Emergency Assist. Center/Training Site
- DOE - Oak Ridge National Lab
National Emergency Response Center
- DOE - Nevada
Low Dose Radiation Research Program
- Department of Energy
National Response Center
- Dept. of Commerce, US Coast Guard
Radiation Protection Division
- Environmental Protection Agency
US Center for Devices and Radiological Health
- Food and Drug Administration
Weapons of Mass Destruction Civil Support Teams
- US Army National Guard

National Search & Rescue School
- US Coast Guard
National Disaster Medical System
- National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration
National Emergency Numbers Association
- National Emergency Numbers Association
Emergency Management Strategic Health Care Group
- US Veterans Administration
Virginia Task Force One Urban Search and Rescue Team
- State of Virginia
The American Civil Defense Association
National Urban Search & Rescue System
- Federal Emergency Management Agency
National Nuclear Security Administration- US Department of Energy
Office of State and Local Domestic Preparedness Support
- Department of Justice
Air Force Radiation Assessment Team (AFRAT)
- US Air Force, Brooks AFB
American Rescue Team
National Response Team

Additional Resources

Emergency Response Resource Directory
Weapons of Mass Destruction First Responders
- WMD First Responders

U.S. Office of Homeland Security
- Executive Branch - The White House
Defense Nuclear Facilities Safety Board
- Department of Defense
Office of US Foreign Disaster Assistance
- Department of Defense
North American Center for Emergency Communications
- Department of Defense
Center for Defense Information
- Center for Defense Information
Office of Civilian Radioactive Waste Management
- Department of Energy1
Environmental Protection Agency (EPA)
- Environmental Protection Agency
Federal Emergency Management Agency
- Federal Emergency Management Agency
Web Page for Emergency Managers
- Federal Emergency Management Agency
FEMA Preparedness Page
- Federal Emergency Management Agency
Climate Diagnostics Center
- National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration
Nuclear Regulatory Commission
- Nuclear Regulatory Commission
Nuclear Waste Technical Review Board
- Nuclear Waste Technical Review Board
U.S. Small Business Admin Disaster Assistance
- Small Business Administration
Radiation Emergency Medical Preparedness And Assistance Network
- World Health Organization
Energetic Materials Research and Testing Center
- New Mexico Institute of Mining and Technology
National Center for Bio-Med Research & Training
- Louisiana State Univ.
Natl Emerg. Response and Rescue Training Center
- Texas A&M University
Natl Exercise, Test & Training Ctr, NV Test Site
- Department of Energy
National Domestic Preparedness Office
- Federal Bureau of Investigation
National Safety Council

Courses and Training

Radiation Safety Academy

Related National Labs and Facilities

Argonne National Laboratory
Argonne West
Bonneville Power Administration
Brookhaven National Laboratory
Center for Computational Sciences
Continuous Electron Beam Accelerator Facility
Environmental Measurements Laboratory
Ernest Orlando Lawrence Berkeley Laboratory
Fermi National Accelerator Laboratory
Hanford Nuclear Site
Idaho National Engineering Laboratory
Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory
Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory
Lawrence Livermore High Energy Physics

Los Alamos National Laboratory
National Energy Research Supercomputer Center
National Institute of Standards & Technology
National Renewable Energy Laboratory
Oak Ridge National Laboratory
Oak Ridge Associated Universities
Office of Scientific and Technical Information
Pacific Northwest Laboratory
Princeton University Plasma Physics Laboratory
Sandia National Laboratories
Savannah River Site (Westinghouse)
Stanford Linear Accelerator Center
Yucca Mountain Project

Organizations and Societies

US-Based and International
American Nuclear Society
American Physical Society
Canadian Nuclear Society
European Nuclear Society
Institute of Nuclear Materials Management
International Atomic Energy Agency
International Radiation and Health Physics
International Radiation Protection Association
International Atomic Energy Agency
International Commission on Radiological Protection
Intl Comm on Radiation Units and Measurements
World Nuclear Association
National Council on Radiation Protection and Measurements
National Institute for Urban Search and Rescue
Network of State Hazard Mitigation Officers
Society of Nuclear Medicine
Emergency Prevention, Preparedness, and Response

Austrian Radiation Protection Society
National Council on Radiation Protection and Measurements
Finnish Radiation & Nuclear Safety Authority
Icelandic Radiation Protection Institute
Norwegian Radiation Protection Authority

OECD French Nuclear Energy Agency
Radiological Protection Institute of Ireland
Swedish Radiation Protection Institute
UK National Radiation Protection Board
UK Society for Radiological Protection
UK Assoc of University Radiation Protection Officers
Canadian Radiation Protection Association
French Society for Radiation Protection
German-Swiss Radiation Protection Association
Latin American and Caribbean Fed of Radiation Protection Societies
Portuguese Radiation Protection Society
Spanish Radiation Protection Society

Down Under
Aust. College of Physical Scientists and Engineers in Medicine
Australian Institute of Radiography
Australian Radiation Protection and Nuclear Safety Agency
Australian Nuclear Science and Technology Org
South Australian Radiation Protection Branch
NSW Hospital - Univ Radiation Safety Officers Group
Radiation Oncology in Australia
New Zealand National Radiation Laboratory

Additional Resources

National Nuclear Data Center
- Brookhaven National Laboratory
Nuclear Data for Nuclear Criticality Safety Program
- Oak Ridge National Laboratory
Nuclear Criticality Safety program
- Department of Energy

Research Information Sources
CancerNet Basic and Cancer Statistics
Census Bureau
Chart of the Nuclides
Comprehensive Epidemiologic Data Resource
The Gamma Ray Spectrometry Center
National Laboratories
National Nuclear Data Center
National Calibration Reference Centre for In Vivo Monitoring
Tables of X-Ray Mass Attenuation and Mass Energy-Absorption Coefficients
NIST Ionizing Radiation Lab
NIST X-Ray and Gamma-Ray Attenuation Coefficients
Nuclear Information Resource Listing
Physical Constants, Units and Unit Conversions
Radiation Information Analysis Section
Stopping-Power and Range Tables for Electrons, Protons, and Helium Ions database
United States Transuranium and Uranium Registries

Additional Reading
Nuclear Science and Engineering
Nuclear Technology
Journal of the Radiation Research
Operational Radiation Safety
Annals of the ICRP
Medical Physics
Journal of the National Cancer Institute
Scientific American
19th century Scientific American
Institute of Physics' Electronic Journal Publishing
Radiation Protection Dosimetry
Radiation Research

Biological Emergencies

Introduction to Biological Warfare

Understanding the Dangers

Introduction to Biological Warfare
- Federation of American Scientists
Background on Biological Warfare
- Mitretek Systems
How Biological and Chemical Warfare Works
- How Stuff Works
Biological Warfare Agent Descriptions
- Federation of American Scientists
Biological Warfare and It's Cutaneous Manifestations
- The Internet Dermatology Society
Hidden Killers: Deadly Viruses All the basics
- ThinkQuest
Biological Warfare/Infectious Diseases References
- Comprehensive directory
Biological Warfare
- The Why Files
Background on Biological Warfare
- Mitretek
Microbiology 101: Biological Weapons and Malignant Biology: An Internet Text
- Washington State University
Biological Warfare Fact Sheets
Bacteriological Warfare...A Civil Defense Manual
- Larry Wayne Harris, R.M.
Johns Hopkins Center for Civilian Biodefense Studies
- Center for Civilian BiodefenseStudies
Personal Protection & Chem/Bio Terrorism

Plague War
- PBS Frontline
History of Biological Warfare
Historical Aspects of Biological Warfare Agents
Biological Warfare: A Nation at Risk--A Time to Act
- National Defense University
Defending Against Invisible Killers -- Biological Agents
- DefenseLink site
Chemical and Bio Weapons-Could It Happen Here?
- PBS Online Forum
Weapons of Mass Destruction in the Middle East
- Center for Non-Proliferation Studies
Who has Chem-Bio Weapons?
- Center for Defense Information
Plague War-A Report on the Bio Weapon Threat...
- PBS Online article (Oct 98)
- Pharmaceutical Research and Manuf. of America

Biological Emergency Preparedness

Bioterrorism in the USA: Threat, Preparedness and Response, FREE Online Report, 339 pgs
- Chemical and Biological Arms Control Institute
Anthrax as a Biological Weapon: Medical and Public Health Management
- American Medical Association
Med Aspects of NBC Defensive Ops Part II - Biological
Countering Bioterrorism
- FDA/Center for Biologics Evaluation and Research
Countering Threats to the Food Supply
Preparing for a Bioterrorism Threat
- Dept. of Health and Human Services
Medical Response in Emergencies
- Dept. of Health and Human Services
Biological Incidents: Preparedness and Response
- Dept. of Health and Human Services
Safety of U.S. Food Supply
- FDA congressional testimony
Bioterrorism/Biological Warfare
- University of Iowa
Potassium Iodide

For use in radiological emergencies to obviate the risk of thyroid cancer in the event of a large release of radioactive iodine from a power plant accident or a nuclear weapon.


Basics - CDC
Anthrax and the Mail
- Cross-contamination, handling your mail.
Signs and Symptoms
- What you should look for.
Anthrax and Influenza
- Differences, symptoms, quick tests.
- Being exposed vs. being sick, suspicious mail, powders, protecting your family.
- Chances of getting sick, pregnancy.
- Detecting anthrax, tests, nasal swabs.
- Side effects, antibiotics.
Preventive Therapy
- Cipro, storing antibiotics.

In-Depth - CDC
Anthrax Information for Health Care Providers
- Fact sheet: diagnosis, testing, treatment, and reporting
Technical Information About Anthrax
- Background fact sheet.
Bioterrorism-Related Inhalational Anthrax: The First 10 Cases Reported in the United States
- Emerging Infectious Diseases 2001
Clinical and Epidemiologic Principles of Anthrax
- Emerging Infectious Diseases 1999

Recommended Antibiotic Treatments for ANTHRAX
- Centers for Disease Control
Official DoD ANTHRAX Vaccine Information Website
- Department of Defense
ANTHRAX as a Bio Weapon: Med/ Public Health Mgmt
- Journal of the American Medical Association
ANTHRAX information
- National Institutes of Health

Respiratory Protection Program Manual
- Centers for Disease Control and Prevention
Medical Microbiology
- a state-of-the art, searchable, online textbook of medical microbiology
Biosafety in Microbiological and Biomedical Labs
U.S. Dept of Health and Human Services
- 3rd edition
- 4th edition
General Principles of Sterilization
- Centers for Disease Control
Support for Microbiology Teaching
- University of Leeds Department of Microbiology
Control of Microbial Growth
- Griffith University
Airborne Pathogen Database
- Pennsylvania State University
Disaster Psychiatry Page
- American Psychiatric Association
Biological and Chemical Weapons
- National Library of Medicine
Biodefense Studies
- Johns Hopkins University
Bioterrorism Studies
- St. Louis University


Basics - CDC
Smallpox Vaccine Overview
- How it works, benefits, risks...
Frequently Asked Questions
- Answers to common questions about the disease & vaccine
Who Should Not Receive Vaccine?
- Health conditions that increase a person's risk of side effects
Live Virus Vaccines & Vaccinia
- How live virus vaccines work, what vaccinia is...
Reactions after Smallpox Vaccination
- Normal, uncommon, & rare severe reactions...

In-Depth - CDC
Summary of Oct 2002 ACIP Recommendations
- Guidance on eight implementation issues
Smallpox Vaccination & Adverse Events Training Module
- Info for health professionals on smallpox vaccine, method of vaccination, & vaccination reactions
Response Plan & Guidelines
- Guidance for state & local health officials for responding to a smallpox emergency
Poster: Evaluating Patients for Smallpox
- Evaluation protocol, risk evaluation, chickenpox (varicella)-smallpox comparison, common conditions comparison...

SMALLPOX Information
- National Institutes of Health
Smallpox as a Biological Weapon

Biological Emergency Response Programs and Organizations

National Disaster Medical System
- US Department of Health and Human Services
Emergency Preparedness and Response Branch
- Centers for Disease Control
National Pharmaceutical Stockpile Program
- Centers for Disease Control
Center for Civilian Biodefense Studies
- Johns Hopkins University
Cntr. for the Study of Bioterror and Emerging Infections
- Saint Louis University School of Public Health
Chemical and Biological Defense Info Analysis Cntr
- U.S. Army
National Center for Infectious Diseases
- Centers for Disease Control
U.S. Army Medical Res Inst of Infectious Diseases
- Good information on biological warfare issues
Chem/Bio Defense Information Analysis Center
- U.S. Army
National Academies of Science, Institute of Medicine
The National Terrorism Preparedness Institute
- Saint Petersburg College
Nat'l Association of County and City Health Officials

U.S. Army Chemical School
- U.S. Army
U.S. Army Medical Command
- U.S. Army
Medical Research Institute of Chemical Defense
- U.S. Army
Global Emerging Infections System
- Department of Defense
Homeland Security Integration Center
- U.S. Army
Joint Service Chemical Biological Information System
- U.S. Army
Center for Health Promotion & Preventive Medicine
- U.S. Army
Medical Research Institute of Environmental Medicine
- U.S. Army
Medical Research Institute of Infectious Diseases
- U.S. Army
Advanced Diagnostics
- Defense Advanced Research projects Agency

Chemical Emergencies

Introduction to Chemical Warfare

Understanding the Dangers

Sarin Nerve Gas
- Everything you ever wanted to know
Primer on Chemical Nerve Agents
- University of Washington
Introduction to Chemical Weapons
- Project on Insurgency, Terrorism, and Security
- Organization for the Prohibition of Chemical Weapons
Chem and Bio Weapons: Possession and Programs
- Center of Nonproliferation Studies
Chemical Warfare Topical Collection
- Yahoo
CIA on Chemical Weapons
- Central Intelligence Agency
Chemical Weapons Topical Collection
- University of Illinois at CI

Blistering Agents
Choking Agents
Psychotomimetic Agents (agents of the mind)
Annual Report on NBC Defenses, March, 2000
- Dept. of Defense
Annual Report on NBC Defenses, 2002
- Dept. of Defense
NBC Terrorism/Warfare - Bibliography
- Dept. of Defense
Chem/Bio Warfare Agents - Literature Review
- Dept. of Defense
WMD: Chemical Warfare, Part I
- Merginet

Chemical Emergency Preparedness

Med Aspects of NBC Def. Ops Part 3- Chemical
Agency for Toxic Substances and Disease Registry
- US Department of Health and Human Service
Office of Hazardous Materials Safety
- Department of Transportation
Medical Aspects of Chem Bio Warfare
- Textbook of Military Medicine
Field Management of Chemical Casualties Handbook
- U.S. Army
Chemical Casualty Care Division
- U.S. Army Med Res. Inst of Chemical Defense
Chem. Emer. Preparedness and Prevention Office
- Environmental Protection Agency
Chemical Warfare Agents
Protection Against Chemical Weapons

The Nat'l Response Team, HAZMAT & Chemical Spills
- United States Coast Guard
Chemical/Bio/Radiological Incident Handbook r 1998)
- Central Intelligence Agency
Chemical Corps doctrine site
- U.S. Army Chemical School
Chemical Corps Regimental Association
- Collections of Field Manuals (Sites)
Medical Research Institute of Chemical Defense
- U.S. Army
Respirator Data
- the NIOSH Certified Equipment List
- Centers for Disease Control and Prevention
Respiratory Protection Program Manual
- Centers for Disease Control and Prevention

Hazardous Devices, Bombs and Explosive Ordnance Emergencies


Understanding the Threat

FBI Laboratory Explosives Unit
- Federal Bureau of Investigation
List of Explosive Materials - P5400.8
- Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, and Firearms
Arson and Explosives National Repository
- Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, and Firearms
Taggants in Explosives
- Institute of Makers of Explosives
Explosives Law and Regulations - P5400.7
- Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, and Firearms
Federal Explosives Law and Regulations (2000)
- Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, and Firearms

Terrorist Organization Database
- Anti-Defamation League
Explosive Incidents Report 1996
- Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, and Firearms
Terrorism in the USA 99, 98, 97, 96
- Federal Bureau of Investigation
Patterns of Global Terrorism - 00,99,98,97
- U.S. Department of State

Bombs and Explosive Ordnance Emergency Preparedness

Homeland Security Dogs
- A licensed private investigation company serving Southern California and the Nation.
Suspect Letter & Package Indicators
- Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, and Firearms
Bombs by Mail
- United States Postal Inspection Service
Plan for Suspected Mail and Parcel Bombs
- United States Postal Inspection Service
Letter and Package Bomb Indicators
- Canadian Bomb Data Center, RCMP
Explosive and Hazardous Materials Emergencies
- State of North Carolina, Office of Attorney General
Handbook of Forensic Services: Explosives
- Federal Bureau of Investigation
Explosives Emergency Preparedness
- LAPD Online
DOE Explosives Safety Manual
- Dept. of Energy

Guide for All-Hazard Emergency Ops Planning
- Federal Emergency Management Agency
Explosion and Bombing Scene Investigation
- U.S. Dept of Justice
Bomb Threat Telephone Procedures
- Canadian Bomb Data Center, RCMP
Vehicle Bomb Explosion Hazard and Evacuation Distance Table
- Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, and Firearms
Use of Security Technologies in U.S. Schools
- U.S. Department of Energy / NCRJS
Be Secure for America
- Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, and Firearms

Additional Resources and Organizations



INCORE: Conflict Data Service
- Subscription service, conflicts and political tensions.
- Law enforcement resources
FBI Law Enforcement Bulletin
- Federal Bureau of Investigation
- Resource gateway
Police Magazine
- Police Magazine
Detection Technologies and Equipment (9/98)
- Yahoo

American Society for Industrial Security (ASIS)
American Society of Crime Laboratory Directors
International Association of Arson Investigators (IAAI)
Intl Assoc. of Bomb Technicians and Investigators
International Association of Chiefs of Police (IACP)
Intl Assoc of Counterterrorism and Security Prof.
International Association of Crime Analysts (IACA)
International Association of Law Enforcement Intelligence Analysts (IALEIA)
International Foundation for Protection Officers (IFPO)
Institute of Makers of Explosives (IME)
International Professional Security Assoc. (IPSA)
International Security Management Assoc. (ISMA)
OPSEC Professionals Society
Overseas Security Advisory Council (OSAC)
World EOD Foundation (WEODF)
Cntr. for the Study of Terrorism and Political Violence
- University of St. Andrews

Natural Disaster Resources

Earthquake Maps
- State of California
Earthquake Information
- US Geological Survey
National Hazard Maps
- US Geological Survey
Natural Hazards Data Resources Directory
- National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration
National Geophysical Data Center
- National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration
FEMA's GEMS links
- GEMS (Global Emergency Management System)
Natural Hazards Database
- Natural hazards data on earthquakes, tsunamis, volcanoes, etc
- National Geophysical Data Center
Natural Hazards Center
- Excellent information on natural disaster research, meetings, etc.
- University of Colorado, Boulder
Natural Hazards Center Related Web Links
- Good topically arranged natural disaster related web sites
Loooong List of U.S. Government Agencies
The Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) Library
National Oceanic and Atmospheric Agency (NOAA) Library

Weather Resources

Current Conditions
Current Precipitation Rates
Current Watch Warning & Advisory Graphic
Current Weather Watches & Outlooks
Current Infrared Satellite Image
Storm Events - Select State
Current US Temperature Contour Image
Current US Heat Index Contour
- Unisys
Current Jet Stream Position
- WeatherBank

Weather Imagery

US Composite Satellite Picture
U.S. Composite (Vis)
 US Composite Satellite Picture
U.S. Composite (Rad)
West Conus Satellite
US Satellite - Visible
 East Conus IR
US Satellite - Enh IR

Latest Infrared Global Composite
- Univ. of Wisc.
Global Composite Weather Satellite Infrared
Global Composite Weather Satellite Water Vapor
Worldwide weather resources
- Univ. of Michagan

Fire Weather
Fire Weather Forecasts
National Drought Severity Index
U.S.F.S. Fire News
U.S.A. Fire Danger Map
- U.S. Forest Service
U.S. Drought Monitor
- U.S.D.A / National Drought Mitigation Center

Space Weather
Latest Space Weather
Space Weather Now
Space Weather Advisories
Asteroid Comet Impact Hazards
- NASA Ames Research Center
Latest Aurora Activity
- NASA Moffett Space Flight Center

Forecasts and Outlook
UV Index Forecasts
3 Hour Lightning Probability Graphic
12 Hour Weather Outlook
24 Hour Weather Outlook
48 Hour Weather Outlook
3 Day Weather Outlook
4 Day Weather Outlook
5 Day Weather Outlook
- Hydrometeorological Prediction Center

Jet Stream Position 3 Day Forecast
Excessive Rainfall Forecast Graphic
24 Hour Precipitation Amounts Forecast
24 to 48 Hour Precipitation Amounts Forecast

Tropical Weather
North Atlantic
Tropical Weather Discussion
Tropical Weather Outlook
Recon Plan of the Day

East/Central Pacific
Tropical Weather Discussion
Tropical Weather Outlook
Tropical Weather Outlook-CPHC
- Univ. of Wisconsin

Pacific Tsunami Warning Center
TPC/NHC's Tropical Cyclone Warnings
- NOAA National Hurricane Center

Land and Sea Temp. Composite w Clouds
- Univ. of Wisconsin
Latest Sea Temperatures
Buoy Data Center
NOAA - Tides Online
CO-OPS Storm Surge Live Web Site
TOMS Internet

El Niņo and La Niņa
NOAA El Nino
NOAA La Nina

Aviation Weather
NWS AWC: Data for a standard weather briefing
NWS AWC Aviation Digital Data Service
NWS AWC: Test products
NWS: International Flight Folder Products
NWS: Alaska Aviation Weather Unit
NWS: Hawaii Aviation Products
The Weather Channel: Aviation features

Geologic Activity
Current Volcanic Activity
Current Seismic Event Listing
Current Seismic Event Map
- Washington Volcanic Ash Advisories
West Coast and Alaska Tsunami Warning
- West Coast & Alaska Tsunami Warning Center
Volcanic Ash Advisory Statements
Satellite Volcano watch
- Space Science and Engineering Center


Intellicast Satellite and radar imagery of the U.S.
US Radar By Intellicast
PacSat Worldwide weather resources.

West Coast USGS California earthquake resources.
Quakes Worldwide earthquake resources. Current Disasters
Ray's Quake Zone National earthquake resources.

Campsites Links to over 6,000 campsites.
Backwoods Home Magazine Self-reliant living resources.
Camping Newsgroup Camping information and resources.
About Camping Campers resources, sites, tips.
RV Searchable (by cities or names) RV campsites
Grand Canyon National Park Reservations and information.
Yosemite National Park Tours and reservations.
Camping USA National campgrounds directory.

How To Build A Log Cabin Step by step instructions and guide.

Government Food Safety Guide for proper food handling and storage.
Food Storage Article Does anddon'ts guide of food preservation.
The Solar Cooking Archive Solar cooking information and guides.

Animals & Emergencies FEMA recommendations and resources.
Dog Pet care during disasters.
Tips For Keeping Your Cat or Dog Safe During A Disaster

Beth's Preparedness Handouts and Guides
Disaster Preparedness Resources - Allstate
Wilderness Survival - SSAR's Training Guide
Nuclear War Survival Skills (a revised 1979 book, but w/much info useful today)

The Basics of Drought Planning: A 10-Step Process (for communities) - National Drought Mitigation Center
How to Survive Earthquakes and Tsunamis on the North Coast - HSU
Hurricane: A Prevention Guide to Promote Your Personal Health and Safety - CDC
On Shaky Ground: Living with Earthquakes on the North Coast - HSU

Attack on America: Osama bin Laden, the Taliban and Terrorism
The War on Terrorism: Afghanistan and the Taliban
Chemical, Biological and Nuclear Terrorism/Warfare: A Bibliography
Conflict and Terrorism
Government Information on World Terrorism
Research and Reference Resources
Resources about Terrorism
Terrorism and Attacks on the U.S.
War on Terrorism: News & Related Issues
War on Terrorism: Saddam Hussein and Iraq
Terrorism Background and Threat Assessments
Taleban (the Seekers)
Alternative Resources

Natural Hazards Center at the University of Colorado, Boulder
DIS Emergency Management at a Glance
Natural Disaster Reduction: A Plan for the Nation
Chemical Stockpile Emergency Preparedness Program
USDA Disaster Assistance
Global Emergency Management System
FEMA Rapid Response Information System
International Emergency Management Web Sites
USDA Disaster Assistance

Natural Hazards Center at the University of Colorado, Boulder

MedicCom's Library of Disaster Links
Medical NBC Information Server

Emergency Response Guidebook

National Terrorism Preparedness Institute

Official Ten-Code List
Almanac of Disasters

Misc.Survivalism Survival info newsgroup
Alt.Survival Survival information newsgroup

This collection of links, provided as a public service, are culled from websites around the world. In some cases, groups of links have been added which link to other sites with additional links linking to still more links and resources. Each individual link and the information therein is the result of someone outside of this firm sitting down and hammering on a keyboard. Their collective efforts result in the information that can be accessed on this page.


The publishers have used their best efforts in designing and developing this electronic resource page. We make no representation or warranties with respect to accuracy or completeness of the contents or resources contained herein. We specifically disclaim any responsibility for the recommendations or fitness of any recommendation for any particular purpose and shall in no event be liable for any loss of profit, life, or any other damage, including but not limited to special, incidental, consequential, or other damages. Conference

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